In fact, they have become so cherished that George W. Bush was actually gifted a Karakachan puppy when he visited the country in 2003! Ready to depart 29 April 2022. They're all coming with registration, health card, all latest shots and microchip. The Karakachan is a double-coated breed and will need to be brushed multiple times per week. This is also true of any interactions with unknown humans or animals. As fierce as they can be with predators they love their farmers, and little farmers too. We have had Boris and Petra for over 4 years now, without predator loses or harmed wildlife. Even today, those who breed Karakachans are required to disperse their puppies to other homesteads and livestock owners to aid in the protection against predators. Urbigkit, Cat. White boxer puppy for adoption- tail docked and dewclaws removed. Continue reading to find specific pigs and piglets who are available to purchase now. Bulgaria now has one of the highest populations (per capita) of wolves and bears in Europe! Its ancestors started forming as early as the third millennium BC. I have two Cocker Spaniel pups 12 weeks old. Dedicated to preserving the rare livestock guardian dog of Bulgaria, the Karakachan, in the USA. Traditionally, one of the dogs ears was cropped to help them hear better. MORENO VALLEY, CA, US. These dogs are also notably more people-friendly than many other livestock guardian breeds, and tend to bark and roam less frequently. This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Gold Plan, This dog breeder is a subscriber to the Silver Plan, Gran Mastin de Borinquen (Puerto Rican Mastiff), Golden Shepherd Breed Information and Pictures, Gran Mastin de Borinquen (Puerto Rican Mastiff) Breed Information and Pictures, Miniature Australian Shepherd Breed Information and Pictures, Spookalier Breed Information and Pictures, Poodle (Standard) Breed Information and Pictures, Affenpinscher Breed Information and Pictures, American Allaunt Breed Information and Pictures, Puppies For Sale and Dogs For Adoption - He is very friendly with people and dogs of all ages. no longer supports your browser. Jersey Cow Farms provides lifetime breeder support. Yes, Karakachans have been used for centuries to guard livestock from large predators in their native land. to your household. As responsible breeders we will provide you with support, advice, and transparency. We added Volo to our farm last July. Her instincts are amazing, shes beautiful, smart and shes growing so fast! BURTON, MI, US. Blog Home Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. However, due to their size, it is important to supervise. Karakachans are large dogs, often weighing 100 pounds or more. Search Karakachan|canaan dog|tosa inu Dogs & Puppies Family run small kennel where we treat our dogs like family. The expression worth their weight in gold is spot on for these dogs. They are the ultimate when it comes to guarding sheep and goats. These dogs were also used by the people of their namesake Karakachans a nomadic people who traveled all over Bulgaria. Your new karakachan puppies microchip will have to be registered to you as the new owner and its new address. Karakachan dogs come in two coat varieties short-haired and long-haired. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. Animal Actors As you can probably guess, any animal that faints when it is scared needs protection when grazing. In search of their forever homes! Our dogs live with and protect our goats, sheep and chickens from all forms of predators. GALT, CA, US. He is also microchipped. if they come too close to their territory. Their bodies are well-muscled and athletic in appearance. Our Karakachan Puppies will be a mix of short/bob tail and long tail. We have so enjoyed the stories and pictures Charlotte has shared with us as they continue to keep us updated on the beautiful Diva Zena! However, this practice (very painful for the dogs) has largely gone by the wayside as it is illegal in most European countries and frowned upon in the United States. Pups are already docked with dew claws removed. We are sadly looking to re-home Belle as, because our circumstances have drastically USA Our karakachan puppies are seen by a licensed veterinarian, and will be vaccinated, dewormed, have had a flea, tick, and heartworm preventative treatment and will be microchipped. They USA The Karakachan dog is a typical livestock guardian dog, created for guarding its owner's flock and property; it does not hesitate to fight wolves or bears to defend its owner and his family in case of danger. These are adorable Chow-skys , part Chow part Husky. Int shipping at cost. Both parents genetic health cleared. SIDNEY, OH, USA. If you are thinking of getting a Karakachan as a pet, you may also be interested in: The Ultimate Obedience Training Program for Pet Karakachans: Brain Training for Dogs. They are an awesome breed & we Love them dearly. Predators: How LGDs Protect Their Charges. In this way, they have constant interaction with the animals that they will be protecting. They will feel the need to protect against anything or anyone who is unfamiliar. An LGD is a dog bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. Morris, Desmond. Weight 88-121 lb Height 24-30 in Lifespan 12-14 yr Breed Group Middle Eastern and African Bulgarian Shepherd History Terms of use Privacy Notice Shipping Returns. USA Females: 66-99 pounds. I couldnt be happier with her. He has lots of energy and needs USA Karakachan dogs are independent, brave, and very intelligent. The Karakachan is a rare livestock protection breed. Its ancestors started forming as early as the third millennium BC. They are strong-willed and extremely intelligent many owners of this breed have said that the dogs are so smart, they wont follow commands they do not agree with! We are guided by American Karakachan Dog Association and local professional veterinary care. However, this greatly depends upon the quality and reputation of the breeder, availability of puppies, and the parents working history. But there are not many of these dogs in the U.S. They are by nature wary of strangers and protective of home and hearth. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes. USA She is a grand mixture of our imported lines since 2007, is dualed registered with the IKDA and AKDA, and is the most extraordinary livestock guardian dog that we have had the privilege of working along side of! March 27, 2022 View more Previous Next $ 350 Karakachan Puppies They take any threat seriously. Re-homing fee is $250.00. It is related to the livestock guardian dogs of the surrounding countries. Some Karakachans have been known to do well on a raw food diet. They are socialized from birth to when they go home to you and their forever homes and employment. We also name the puppies in the Bulgarian tradition of observing their dominant personality traits or characteristics and naming accordingly. Both parents working on site. is your source for finding an ideal Karakachan Puppy for Sale in USA. The Karakachan is well-known for its independence, diligence, and hard-working tendencies. Brave and Loyal: An Illustrated Celebration of Livestock Guardian Dogs. dle, and blonde. She is an excellent mother. Traveling Ponies The Karakachan is a lesser known breed in the United States. Even when the greater Bulgarian culture began to change, the Karakachan people retained their own language and their own breeds of animals. All Rights Reserved. All of these qualities combined with endurance, dedication and willingness to work, make them a wonderful protector and friend. An LGD is a dog bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. information to make the right choice when buying a puppy. In this way, they have constant interaction with the animals that they will be protecting. North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2007. All come litter trained and well socialized with AKC papers. They have the most wonderful and easy ability to bond with their livestock at an early age and are content to spend all of their time with their herd or charges and bond with their owners very easily. It is better if they have a well-fenced yard to play and roam around in, in addition to long, daily walks or runs. At this point, flocks and farms in their entirety were nationalized. is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via Karakachans are an ancient breed whose job was to guard sheep in the mountains of Bulgaria during the summer months. All karakachan pups on sale are fully vaccinated before you take possession, also your new karakachan puppy will have the relevant paper work and micro chip documents. We were very fortunate to be able to work with the Sedefchevs at BBPS Semperviva - the source for pure breed Karakachans in Bulgaria. Dogs are kept in our home, as part of our family. Keeping Up with the Karakachans Episode III, Keeping up with the Karakachans Episode II, Keeping Up with the Karakachans Episode I, Kidding Season The good, the bad and the ugly. An LGD is a dog bred for the purpose of protecting livestock from predators. White dogs with dark spots are increasingly popular, though somewhat rare. This user's identity has not been verified. The Karakachan dog, is a breed that originated from Bulgaria. Originally bred to work in the mountains of Bulgaria, the Karakachan requires exercise, stimulation, and socialization. One is blind and they need to stay together . and local professional veterinary care. They will need to be brushed a few times per week to prevent matting or debris build up in their coat. Some have natural bobbed tails, some have short tails, and still others have long-plumed tails. Scottsboro, AL 35768 Daniel and Sawyer Gullion Eva, AL 35621 Melissa Heigl Oak Bowery 9088 US Highway 431 LaFayette, AL 36862 melissa.heigl. For the most specific information regarding your Karakachan, it is always best to consult your veterinarian. Some dogs are very headstrong, while others are more eager to please their caretaker. However, these dogs dedication to their families and their ability to protect is increasing their popularity daily. As a landrace breed, the Karakachan comes in a wide variety of colors and types. All livestock were placed in communal farms and the Communist regime ordered extermination of the Karakachan dogs whose services were deemed unnecessary on the collective farms. A typical Mollos, created for guarding its owners flock and property,it does not hesitate to fight wolves or bears or coyotes to defend its owner andhis family in case of danger. Search For Dogs and Puppies Available for Sale Karakachan Dog No Ads Found. Since 2010, we are the first and only American member to have our farm listed with the International Karakachan Dog Association (IKDA) located in Bulgaria. Pups are all crate trained, children in page-template,page-template-full_width,page-template-full_width-php,page,page-id-40671,ajax_fade,page_not_loaded,,select-theme-ver-1.2,vertical_menu_enabled, vertical_menu_width_290,smooth_scroll,no_animation_on_touch,side_menu_slide_from_right,wpb-js-composer js-comp-ver-4.4.3,vc_responsive. We follow the breeding practices and examples that have been established by the Sedefchevs. We are are family just trying to spread the Doodle love one litter at a time! Other names are Bulgarian Shepherd and Thracian Mollos. The breed flourished for centuries until, in the 1940s, the Bulgarian Communist Government nationalized the farming industry. Karakachan dog Puppy for Sale by top karakachan puppy breeders on the VIP Pups dog auction site. well balanced and experienced livestock guardians dogs for your livestock, family and pets. Born on November 22nd and 26th. We believe the Karakachan LGDs are happiest when they are used for their true purpose, guarding livestock. If you want to learn how to obedience train your dog using positive training methods, check out the online program, Brain Training for Dogs (affiliate link). I have 6 Karakachan Puppies to be rehomed in a few weeks later. Due to their conservativestock-breeding traditions, they managed to preserve some of the oldest breedsof domestic animals in Europethe Karakachan sheep, the Karakachanhorse, and, of course, the Karakachan Dog. Farm Dogs: A Comprehensive Breed Guide to 93 Guardians, Herders, Terriers, and Other Canine Working Partners. For advice on how to properly feed your Karakachan, check out these resources: Karakachans and Food: What to Feed, When, and Problems to Avoid. Female Karakachan (Crane Creek Auntie Abbey) and half Maremma (Merlin). About Karakachans Full grown: Males: 88-120 pounds. These kid-friendly, territorial dogs are effective at herd protection against predators and theft. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. is secure, simple and efficient way to find a puppy, sell a puppy or addopt dogs via We do not breed, nor do we sell livestock guardian dogs. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2016. He has said that females tend to bond with the flock more, but dont attack as well as males. They are half Karakachan and half Great Pyrenees. Karakachan Cost. dogs are independent, brave, and very intelligent. The dog is named after the Karakachans nomadic shepherds of Thracianorigin and the oldest inhabitants of the Balkans. From the day the puppies are born, we have them and their mother in the pasture with select goats. Iggo- black female white shawl. In this way, they have constant interaction with the animals that they will be protecting. We are a family run ranch that raises cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, as well as have a couple donkeys and horses. Many of the large predators were poisoned and therefore eliminated the need for the Karakachan dogs. Rada is our pride and joy at Syncope Falls Farm. For a thorough review of what the program includes, the things I love about it, and the things I dislike about it, see my review article here. With the proper training and socialization, any dog can become a loyal and well-behaved family companion, including a Karakachan dog. If importing a Karakachan puppy, you make expect this amount to at least double. Does the Karakachan make a good pet? It does come with the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia as well as bloat, like any large breed dog. well known and respected breeders in the USA. Karakachan dog Puppies for Sale Karakachan dog Puppies for Sale from top Karakachan dog breeders on the VIP Pups dog auction from fully licensed and registered Karakachan breeders with their local authorities guaranteeing you quality Karakachan dog pups breed in quality conditions. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Moon Station Goats and The Tucker Farm Soap Co. One of the biggest challengeswe found living on our farm, were the predator issues. You can browse thru list of Karakachan Breeders or consider adopting Karakachan dog. The Karakachan breed will require quite a bit of grooming. The Karakachan is a breed of dog that originated in Bulgaria as a mountain livestock guardian dog. and efficient way to find a puppy, sell $ 300 Karakachan Puppies Livestock Guardian Dogs Karakachan Holland, Michigan, United States It's your chance to get one of these beautiful Karakachan puppies. In 2008, we again worked with BBPS to acquire a male pup, Rado, that is of completely different lineage than the other Karakachans currently found in the U.S. We traveled back to Bulgaria in May 2010 to pick up two females to improve the blood lines in our breeding program. . 1st shots, regular deworming, vet checked with health certificate. For centuries, this ancient breed of livestock guardian dogs have been bred and reared by proto-Bulgarians. Contact us if you are looking for Karakachan puppies for sale. To properly groom your Karakachan youll need a pin brush, comb, and a deshedding brush. English Cream Golden Retriever Dog Breeder, in This loyal breed is a master's pride as it goes on to . The Karakachan dog protects his family and flock. This member has successfully passedidentity verification by a third party provider, This member has successfully passedphone verification by a third party provider, This member is an owner of a verified PayPal account. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. Little Tots Estate Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats, Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs, Mini Zebu, American Dairy Goat Association, Dairy Goats, Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat, miniature goat, goat milk, Loganville, Atlanta, Georgia, Nigerian dwarf goats,Goat Judging, Nigerian dwarfs, Nigerian dwarves, dairy goats, miniature dairy goats, 4-H, fair projects, goats, dwarf, goats for sale, bottle fed kids . Puppies grow up and are exposed to cattle, chickens, cats, and children. Sider says that with females in the mix, the males tend to perform better perhaps out of natural instinct to protect those capable of continuing the breed. Reading Time: 5 minutes By Cindy Kolb - The Karakachan livestock guardian dog is an LGD breed that has been used for centuries as an integral part of the life of the nomadic shepherds of Bulgaria, where the breed originated.It is one of Europe's oldest breeds of dogs, created for guarding its owner's flocks and property. Please upgrade your browser. USA Large boned puppies with either Long tails or bob tails. Karakachan Dog ornament - 1997 postage stamp of a karakachan dog with a wooden easel, base & gift wrap included. We love hearing how our pups are doing at their new homes and employment. If you are thinking of getting Karakachans for livestock guardian purposes, you may also be interested in: Male or Female Livestock Guardian Dogs: Which Is Better for Your Needs, How Many Livestock Guardian Dogs You Need, Training Livestock Guardian Dogs: The Ultimate Guide, Training Livestock Guardian Dogs to Chickens: A Step-by-Step Guide, Livestock Guardian Dogs Vs. As with all working dogs and/or dogs with floppy ears, you will need to check and clean their ears regularly to prevent ear infections and dirt build up. LOS ANGELES, CA, US. The dogs who survived were integrated into the remaining stocks of sheep at certain government farms. WesternOutlawz Health tested and DNA tested Dogs. in We have a lot of coyotes, black bears, and random neighbor dogs coming through our fields. Community. We are currently taking deposits on these puppies for mid-December, early January pick up dates. Karakachans are large dogs, often weighing 100 pounds or more. a puppy or addopt dogs via internet. They make great Livestock Guardian and can also 3 male Karakachan puppies for sale. Bear is male,18 months old, unaltered, and medium drive. Mom and dad on the farm with cattle, sheep, and goats. CROSS TIMBERS, MO, US. Up to date on all vaccinations and fully vet checked in Vilnius, LT.65, LT, Hungary I've always loved animals, but my true passion is rescuing and rehabbing them. is secure, simple Most of our litters are Champion or International Champion sired. See the table below for more specific estimates: For any dog, it is important to feed a balanced diet. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is secure, simple The Bulgarian Shepherdalso referred to as Karakachanoriginated in Bulgaria as guardians for mountain livestock. We also recommend if you have other dogs you have time to properly USA We can not imagine a better home for her than with Charlotte and Otto. We almost always have some sort of foster here, whether it's a dog, pig, horse, or cat. All karakachan puppy breeders registered on the karakachan dog auction site have been vetted by the staff at VIP Pups. The Karakachan is one of the oldest dog breeds. Therefore, they will require a great deal of exercise in order to keep them healthy and happy. They live with cats and kids. He is 1. years old and he is a German Shephard / Great Dane Mix. They bond with their livestockat an early age and spend all of their time with their herd. Breeding large, healthy, as well as well balanced and experienced livestock guardians dogs for your livestock, family and pets is our top priority and our passion. BLOOMFIELD, IN, US, All breeders listed on are ID Verified. All livestock were placedin communal farmsand the Communist regime ordered extermination of theKarakachan dogs, whose services were deemed unnecessary on the collectivefarms. While fierce against predators, Karakachans are loving and tender with their livestock and tend to bond closely to them. Independent and self-confident - they need to be able to analyze situations and make quick, intelligent decisions without supervision Larger in size - they can offer greater protection, predators don't want to mess with an animal bigger than them Work well with other LGDs We have carefully gathered in sows from a variety of Kunekune pedigrees, including Rona, Wilsons Gina, Kereopa, Mahia Love and Andrew. Karakachan Puppies for saleSee all puppies for sale. If importing a Karakachan puppy, you make expect this amount to at least double. Our tools such as Breed Selector future puppy owners with the weath of needed CONCHO, AZ, USA, Tags: Health tested and DNA Ofa certified puppies Goldens Aussies Karakachans English Labs cane corso hips and elbows eyes certified heart certified. The Karakachan people were highly victimized, and their nomadic ways of life forcibly ceased. These beautiful creatures are raised with love and actively participate in our life. Other names are Bulgarian Shepherd and Thracian Mollos. Ours have been selected for sound bodies, temperments, and ability to work at the job they were bred to do. Loyal yet independent, these dogs are extremely reliable protectors of livestock. No cat homes as they do not like cats. We are excited to share the news that one of our Karakachan pups is working in Alaska and you can see her on the Discovery Channel TV Show, Alaska: The Last Frontier: Find out More - Things to Consider before adding a Karakachan LGD to your farm, Hi Jennifer. We are raising health tested dogs to provide Healthy puppies and prevent any genetic health issues from happening dual and triple registered puppies that are very well bred. Please upgrade your browser. Small show and companion breeder of quality AKC registered French Bulldogs. Fainting Goats and Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs. During the winter season, they assisted in guarding the sheep while they moved to the lowlands. Most males have markings on their backs also! CHESAPEAKE, VA, US. Find Karakachan|Canaan Dog|Tosa Inu Dogs & Puppies for sale in Mpumalanga. All of the puppies have been around chickens, ducks and turkeys as well a. The Best Livestock Guardian Dog Toys: Top Recommendations from DOZENS of Great Pyrenees Owners! WEST POINT, VA, US. They have a dense undercoat that helps with insulation from both cold and hot temperatures. Members who own, breed, and register Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs Active Membership Alabama Darya Baeva 531 Hytop Rd. If you have a Karakachan as a family companion, it is incredibly important to watch their diet as large breed dogs are prone to obesity if overfed and under exercised. Breeder of Bernese mountain dogs Standard poodles and Bernedoodles and sometimes Aussiedoodles my dogs are part of the family not raised in kennels they live in our home with lots in There is so much information out there in the Internet about dogs. This is all I have re Copyright 2023 Puppies for Sale Near Me, Karakachan Puppies Livestock Guardian Dogs, American Pit Bull Terrier District of Columbia. You are one click away from saving a life! Its ancestors started forming as early as the third millennium BC. BOLIVAR, MO, US. Therefore the word Karakahan has the meaning: the black one that got away. We no longer Breed Karakachans but have ours. Crane Creek Karakachan Livestock Guardian dogs originated from Bulgaria. For those that have followed us on Facebook over the years, you may recognize some of these faces. We spend pretty much all day together. Dohner, Janet Vorwald. Selection of Karakachan|Canaan Dog|Tosa Inu puppies needing homes and surrounding areas to find your next furry puppy. This program is perfect for people who want to raise a livestock guardian dog as a pet. FAQ for reserving and bringing home your kitten. Karakachans are a smart, unadulterated, old world breed. We are raising health tested dogs to provide Healthy puppies and prevent any genetic health issues from happening dual and triple registered puppies that are very well bred. The Best Livestock Guardian Dog Treats and Chews: Top Recommendations from DOZENS of Great Pyrenees Owners! So looking for a karakachan puppy for sale then look at our KC Registered karakachan breeders at VIP Pups online karakachan dog auctions. Karakachan dogs are independent, brave, and very intelligent. This user's identity has not been verified. Raising True Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs. They are the ultimate when it comes to guarding sheep and goats. See our upcoming article about grooming for more extensive tips and tricks. All of our puppies come with AKC in CARLOTTA, CA, US. Karakachan BreedersSee all breeders. Again, these variabilities are due to their lack of human-inference in their breeding. These pastures, in lower elevations, provided superior protection to the elements. ormed, micro chipped and registered for you when you take your puppy home. Karakachan Food Consumption Cups Per Day 2.5 cups Daily Cost $1.20 - $1.40 Monthly Cost $34.00 - $45.00 Karakachan Height & Weight 6 Months Height: 21.5 inches Weight: 61.5 lbs Height: 20.0 inches Weight: 49.5 lbs 12 Months Height: 23.5 inches Weight: 87.0 lbs Height: 22.0 inches Weight: 70.0 lbs 18 Months Height: 26.0 inches Weight: 92.5 lbs Unfortunately, this also caused the loss of more Karakachan dogs. There are quite a few LGD breeds, so we did our research before selecting the Karakachan. Karakachan. Just wanted to send you a couple pics. We do not breed Karakachans, but highly recommend Little Tots Estate for anyone looking for a LGD. Karakachans are a tall dog with broad backs and strong, wide chests.

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